10 Marketing Tips for Mortgage Brokers

If you’re an Aussie mortgage broker, chances are you’ve wrestled with the question: how do I attract more clients (that I like working with)? 

The number one answer you’ll get from seasoned brokers? 

—> Mortgage brokers should get the bulk of their leads from referrals. 

I get it, and I totally agree. 

Building strong relationships with referral partners is key to a brokers business growth. 


What happens when a potential referral Googles you? 

Do they see a well maintained, informative website that confirms that you’re legit? 

If they’re not ready yet, can they follow you on Facebook or Instagram to find you again later?

If they do follow your socials, do they get little nuggets of gold on their feed every now and then to not only remind them that you’re alive, but also give them some valuable tips and tricks? 

Are they regularly reminded of how awesome you are, what you’ve done for other clients and cemented as an expert in your field?

Do you start to build the know >>> like >>> trust trifecta before you’ve even spoken with them? 


When they stalk you, do they see a half-arsed 2004 style website that just lists some (possibly outdated) contact info and a Facebook page that maybe shows a RBA rate update post every six months? 

I know which broker I’d be more likely to ring. 

Master the Art of Client Retention

It costs less to keep a client than to find a new one. Transform your existing clients into raving fans. Go the extra mile by sending out birthday cards, home anniversary cards, or festive greetings. This not only keeps you in their mind but also tells them you genuinely care.

It is typically 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current customer. The probability of a sale from a brand new customer is only 5-20%, whereas the probability of a sale from an existing customer is between 60-70%. Furthermore, it is projected that 80% of future profits will likely come from 20% of existing customers.

p.s. Need some awesome, custom birthday cards designed? Hit me up, they're one of the little fun things I love designing.

Harness the Magic of Informative Reels

Step into the TikTok world and be the Spielberg of mortgage advice! Serve bite-sized, digestible content that educates and entertains your audience. The younger demographic will appreciate the effort, and you'll be the go-to mortgage expert on their social feeds. Not to mention, there aren't that many mortgage brokers marketing through video yet, so it's a great way to stand out.

Reel Ideas:

- What is LMI and should you be scared of it?
- How much deposit do you need?
- What's up with your credit score?
- Should I get a pre-approval?
- What is Rate Lock and should I get it?

Client Video Testimonials: Let them Sing Your Praises

Nothing screams authenticity like a heartfelt client testimonial. Encourage your clients to share their home-buying journey on camera. It's a personal touch that helps potential clients connect with your brand on a deeper level.

The best way to do this is to interview the clients, it helps them know what to say. Jump on Zoom, hit record and ask some questions. A few ideas:
- Why were you looking for a mortgage broker?
- What challenges did you face during the buying/refinancing journey?
- How would you describe your experience working with us?
- What did you like most about working with our team?
- If you could describe our service in three words, what would they be?

Newsletter Nuggets: Keep 'Em Informed, Keep 'Em Engaged

Your email list is a gold mine. Send out regular newsletters filled with useful tips, market updates, or home buyer success stories. It helps your audience see you as a trusted source of information while subtly reminding them of your services.

I won't lie, I'm hopeless at maintaining my own email list and regularly updating newsletters. But I know it's crucial, especially in a business like finance where trust is key. 77% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months​, making email still a key strategy.

SEO is Your Secret Superpower

Optimise your website with SEO tactics to increase visibility. Use keywords related to 'mortgage broker Australia', 'home loan advice', etc. If you're looking to DIY your SEO, I can highly recommend looking into The Recipe for SEO Success, there are heaps of free resources there too, including a podcast.

Get found when potential clients are searching – it's like having a neon sign pointing straight to your business!

Blogging: Become the Mortgage Whisperer

Start a blog where you decode the mystifying world of mortgages. Explain the latest industry news or demystify the jargon. It positions you as an expert and can improve your website's search engine ranking if done right. It's also a great way to build a library of resources to point potential clients towards when they're not quite ready but you'd like to keep them warm. An educated client is a good client in the finance game, making their experience - and your job - much smoother.

Social Media: Be the Life of the (Online) Party

Don’t just use social media for promotion; use it to connect. Ask questions, start discussions, share behind-the-scenes snaps. The goal is to build relationships, not just followers.

Answer questions, provide valuable information, and establish trust. This type of relationship building can lead to higher client retention rates and more referrals. Regularly posting informative content related to the real estate or home loan industry can help mortgage brokers establish their brand and demonstrate expertise.

Offer Free Consultations: Let Them Taste the Magic

It's the mortgage world's answer to free samples at the supermarket. Let potential clients experience your superb service first-hand with a free consultation. Once they see your magic, they’ll be more likely to come back for more.

A consultation provides an opportunity to understand the unique needs, concerns, and circumstances of potential clients. This insight can be invaluable in tailoring your services to fit the client's requirements, thereby increasing the chances of conversion. It also gives you an opportunity to qualify the client, without losing the chance to build the beginnings of a relationship if it's a "not right now".

Local Partnerships: Strength in Numbers

Team up with local businesses – like home decor stores or moving services. You can cross-promote each other, reaching new audiences and building a community in the process. Before asking for referrals, think about what you can offer to these businesses. Offering something of value first can open the door for reciprocal referrals.

Could you team up for an info night? Write an educational guest article for their website or newsletter? Sponsor a local sports team?

With these ten commandments in your marketing bible, you’re set to turn the world of mortgage broking on its head. Marketing for mortgage brokers doesn’t have to be complex, bland and boring. Show a bit of personality, have a bit of fun, keep those customers educated and updated and you might just start attracting the type of clients you love working with (and who don’t turn into clawbacks).