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Anastasia Geneave
Founder & Chief Chameleon

Helping small business owners attract awesome clients by creating your online happy place with strategic, creative digital marketing.

Our Vision

A community of small business owners who escaped corporate to do things their way. Who aren't scared to show some personality and colour in a sea of grey.

Our Mission

Empower small business owners to love what they do by delivering innovative and personalised digital marketing solutions that foster community, celebrate individuality, and drive genuine connections.

Our Process

We start by understanding your business and goals. Then, we craft a tailored digital marketing strategy, creating engaging content that vibes with your audience. We ensure your online presence not only attracts but also converts your ideal clients, making your business's "online happy place" a reality.

what we value


Owning and running a small business can be lonely. Even before the pandemic (remember those fun 2 years?), I strongly believed that the online world can be used for good, for building community, for sharing experiences, knowledge and laughs. And I think that's super important for small business owners.


If you're not connecting with your audience, your people, your circle, that community piece falls over. I believe that connection comes from allowing others to see behind our masks. No Grey Suits was born from the idea that we shouldn't have to try and blend into some kind of stereotype to be viewed as professional, and the research backs me up. We connect better with people when we just be us.


Of course. Creativity in all forms brings joy. From the creativeness needed to even start a small business, to the creative brain power we use to craft content, it's everywhere, and we love it.

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Anastasia Geneave
Founder & Head Chameleon
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