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Social media done for you, that still sounds like you


From getting to know you and your business, to stalking your audience; my strategy is to best understand what content will not only resonate, but draw your ideal audience in.


From static graphics, to reels, the content that comes from No Grey Suits will work within your brand personality, and often lean towards the slightly cheeky or fun.


Social media management packages allow you to be hands-off, including posting and audience engagement.

Analysis & optimisation

Yep, the boring stuff. Regular reviews of how things are tracking and what works best and when allows for tweaks to make sure we're always getting better.

monthly package

Social Media Management - Lite

The perfect monthly package for busy bees looking to sweeten their online presence without working out what to post on social media every week.

We’ll create a buzz, engage with your community, and brew up a storm of interest around your brand on social media.

Monthly Package

Social Media Management - Pro

With our pro social media management package, your social feed will never skip a beat, ensuring your brands voice doesn’t just get heard – it’s felt.

A step up from our Lite option, this social media management package is more comprehensive, giving your brand the stage it deserves.

monthly package

Social Media Graphics

Do you prefer to do the scheduling or posting yourself, but want someone else to make branded graphics and suggest captions to go with them? 

This is for you. A set of custom branded graphics done for you each month, to build your library of ready-to-go social media content. 

One - off


Just getting started, or want a mini-library of evergreen graphic content to pick and choose from? 

This one-off package gives you a small set of branded social media graphics PLUS some Canva templates so you can keep creating, in your brand. 


VIP Days

You. Me. A computer. 5 hours. 

If that sounds like a dream (business) date, read on.

Enter the VIP Day. Where for one day, we plan, focus, and get stuff done. Hopefully with a few laughs along the way.

Anastasia Geneave from No Grey Suits in a brightly coloured jacket, talking and laughing with a client, discussing Social Media Management for Finance Professionals


Put simply – it’s where we take over your business social media accounts and do the stuff for you. Depending on the package you choose, this could include designing your graphics and videos, scheduling and posting and engaging with your audience.

No. Currently, we only play in the organic social media space. 

Organic social media refers to the free content (posts, photos, videos, memes, stories, etc.) that you share on social media. 

Paid social media refers to advertising on social media platforms, where you pay the platform (i.e. Facebook) to show your content to more users. 

Organic social media is about more than likes. 
Organic social media allows your business to build brand awareness, share knowledge and value and connect with your audience. It also helps to build authority and relevance in your industry when someone is stalking your business. 

Isn’t that the million dollar question? 

I mean, we can twist all kinds of data into knots to get some kind of ROI indication for organic social media.

But the truth of it is, if you’re trying to dissect lead and conversion data from organic socials, you’re not going to have much to show.

Organic social media is for brand awareness, trust building, customer engagement and audience insights.

It’s less black and white than paid advertising, and it’s a long term game.

I work with small business owners who need help with their socials, are building a business that they love, who want to show a bit of personality and have some fun while getting stuff done. 

It’s the business owners who left corporate behind. Who want to do things their own way and not squeeze themselves into a stereotype. Who want to attract clients that they actually enjoy working with. 

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