Branding for New Business – Bec’s Hair Retreat

The Brief

Create a logo and brand for a new home hair salon, Bec’s Hair Retreat.

The brand should feel warm and inviting, using shades of dusty pink together with neutral tones such as tan and beige. The salon will be filled with natural light, and is designed as a space for stay at home mums to escape the everyday, and empty-nesters to feel pampered in a comfortable, private setting.

To be provided:

  • Logo
  • Brand Colours
  • Font Guides
  • Brand Personality Summary

The Results

Brand Guidelines Created by No Grey Suits for Bec's Hair Retreat

Bec’s Hair Retreat embodies an inviting and nurturing sanctuary that exudes warmth, sophistication, and elegance, offering women a well-deserved, revitalising escape in a soothing, home-based setting.

Logo Vision and Inspiration

A text-only logo works well for Bec’s Hair Retreat as it conveys a sense of simplicity, elegance, and sophistication that aligns with the brand’s personality. By focusing on carefully chosen typography, the logo resonates with the target market, communicating the salon’s commitment to providing a calming, intimate atmosphere while highlighting the brand’s name as the central and memorable element.


The chosen colours for Bec’s Hair Retreat branding – a soft, neutral beige, a warm off-white, a muted dusty pink, and a rich, earthy brown – work harmoniously together to create a soothing, warm, and inviting palette.

The beige effortlessly complements the salon’s wall colour, while the tan leather furniture accentuates the earthy tones in the palette. Dusty pink adds a touch of femininity, enhancing the brand’s appeal to the target market, and the rich brown provides depth and sophistication.

With an abundance of natural light and light tiled floors, this colour scheme works beautifully in creating an elegant and serene atmosphere, perfectly reflecting the brand’s vision and experience it aims to offer its clients.

Photography Guidelines

  • Utilise natural light to create bright, airy, and welcoming images
  • Emphasise neutral colours, including beige, tan, and soft whites
  • Showcase serene moments and subtle details in the salon environment
  • Highlight the brand’s colour palette subtly throughout the images
  • Incorporate organic textures and materials to convey a sense of warmth and authenticity
  • Feature soft, candid images of clients enjoying their pampering experience, while respecting their privacy
Brand Mood Board for Bec's Hair Retreat, completed by Anastasia Geneave from No Grey Suits.