Branding, Copy & Website Design for Her Property Network

The Brief

Branding, copywriting, website design and social media set up for start up business, Her Property Network.

Her Property Network is a women-focused property investment collective aimed at empowering and connecting property investors and industry specialists. Our mission is to provide a supportive and inclusive community where women can access valuable resources, share knowledge, and collaborate on property investment opportunities.


  • Brand Creation
  • Logo Design
  • Review of Values and Brand Personality
  • WordPress Website Creation
    • Educational Content
    • Professional Services Directory
    • Membership Sale & Processing
    • Blog
  • Social Media Set Up and Management

The Results

Brand Guidelines for Her Property Network, by No Grey Suits

Logo Vision and Inspiration

By combining a handwritten script font with a classic serif font, the logo conveys a sense of warmth and personal touch, while maintaining a professional and timeless aesthetic. The fine line rectangle enclosing the text symbolises the unity, support, and collaboration fostered within the community, creating a distinctive and memorable visual representation of our brand values.


The combination of “Now” and “Playfair Display” fonts brings a modern, elegant, and approachable feel to the brand. “Now” is a sans-serif font with clean lines and high legibility, making it suitable for longer texts and small headlines. “Playfair Display” is a timeless serif font with graceful curves, giving a classic and sophisticated touch to larger headings.

Together, these fonts complement each other and create a balanced, cohesive look that aligns with the brand’s tone of voice and values.


We all know I love colour.

The colour combination of navy blue, salmon, and light grey creates a bold, modern, and sophisticated look. Navy blue exudes professionalism and stability, while salmon adds a pop of excitement and energy.

The light grey helps to balance out the boldness of the other colours and creates a calming effect. The colour scheme is suitable for a business in the property investment industry, communicating trustworthiness, competence, and approachability.

WordPress Website Design

At the time of writing this, the website for Her Property Network has not yet launched, and is around 80% complete. A video below shows the draft site.

Social Media

Channels launched:


Blog Post Copy: Stats Don’t Lie: Female Property Investors are on the way up