Social Media Management Pro Monthly Package

Your go-to social media management package.

With our pro social media management package, your social feed will never skip a beat, ensuring your brands voice doesn’t just get heard – it’s felt.

A step up from our Lite option, this social media management package is more comprehensive, giving your brand the stage it deserves.

What’s included?

  • 4 Posts per week on Facebook, Instagram and EITHER LinkedIn or Pinterest.
    • Combination of Static graphics or video reels.
    • You can provide raw video to use, or we can source stock video.
      • Unless audio provided (i.e. talking), we will match to trending audio at the time of posting.
      • Basic video editing included.
    • Hashtag and captions included.
    • Scheduled posting included.
  • 1 hour a week of active audience engagement.
  • Monthly Analytics Report.
  • Monthly Zoom or Phone 30 minute catch up on strategy.



  • Scheduled posting is typically done through the platform Loomly. This includes a post feedback and approval process.
  • Most posts are scheduled a fortnight in advance.
  • Where suitable, if we identify a Reel Remix / Stitch / Trending Audio that would work well for your business, we’ll send you a screen recording to approve (either through Slack or FB Messenger) for it to be posted in the following 24 hours.
    • This is due to the nature of Instagram trends and drafts, which are done by mobile device only at this stage.
  • Audience engagement will vary between responding to comments on your posts, to actively seeking out ideal audiences and engaging with their content. We will not respond to DM’s/Messages as we believe this is best done by the business to ensure awesome customer service.


The Pro Social Media Management Package is designed for businesses who want to organically grow their presence online, through brand building, audience engagement and creating a sense of community.


Customer Reviews


"I was blown away with how good it was! It sounded like me, but better! I am so grateful for what she did for me. Words cannot express it ... well ... her words might! But my words can't!"


“Anastasia is brilliant at planning and executing social content and blogs. She's super at working out whats needed, takes on feedback and runs with it. Exceptional at quirky copy and thinking outside the box. I'm never letting her go :)”